MILAN-FROSINONE 3-1 | HIGHLIGHTS | Maignan-Pulisic linkup secures home win | Serie A 2023/24

Maignan set up Pulisic for Milan’s second becoming the goalkeeper with the most assists (3) in Serie A since 2004/05 as the Rossoneri dispatched Frosinone to ensure back-to-back home wins | Serie A 2023/24

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25 comentarios

  1. Jovic still has his finishing and his both feet quality. He should play more he’s still young and as a Real a Madrid fan I wish him success in Milan as the main striker, he was unlucky in Madrid with injuries and Benzema being the best player in the world.

  2. Beginning of this game I just happened to wonder to myself why Pioli never seemed to want to take advantage of his speed on the wings. et voilá!

    That was a brilliant play between Maignon and Puli. And I think it was a set play executed brilliantly 😁 There's a shot that shows Puli lollygagging behind the Frosinone line… obviously offside so they ignored him.

    Then just before Maignon takes a step toward the ball Pulisic jumps back onside, turns and sprints at the exact moment Mike's foot connects. Absolutely perfect timing! And then the exquisite take down of an exquisite pass… then surrounded by 3 defenders Puli invents an angle and chips it past everybody ❤ Brilliant

  3. Jovic really needs more game time in order to develop further and potentially recover the form that he used to have back at Frankfurt, he still has the skill.

    As much as i like Giroud, Jovic should be the main striker in my opinion.

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