Venezia FC – 'the world's most fashionable football club' | BBC Sport

BBC Sport visits Venezia FC, dubbed «the world’s most fashionable football club» by GQ, thanks to their stylish kits which sold out around the world.

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Venezia FC – the world’s most fashionable football club | BBC Sport

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  1. As a fan for (of): Italian _FOOTball (and Celtic); I may well; be: (being): a bit biased here (just): but, to me: -(personally); "Italian_FOOTie kits, are; The Best!!"!!

  2. I proudly supported this team since the early 90s when I used to visit the city as a 14 year old. My uncle is a Milan fan and he thought that I was mental at the time when I decided to support them instead. I'm glad I stuck with them though as the kits are looking awesome these days! 🤣

  3. Venice football club is not only a fashionable t-shirt, but a soccer team with thousands local supporters. The current management doesn't care about the relationship with the venetian fans club, it's just thinking of selling t-shirt all around the world. IT's so sad!

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