NBA Fan Ranks Serie A Home Kits 20-21!! (Tier List)

Da Bronco makes a tier list for Serie A Home Kits!!

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NBA Fan reacts to and rates different Serie A Home Kits/Jerseys from the 2020/2021 season.

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  1. Man, you definitely have not a Euro taste for jerseys… Here people usually like it simple and traditional. Eg: I am a Juventus fan and I dislike the Juve shirt you placed on the top, too fancy. Instead, I love Sampdoria, Genoa and Bologna kits: so neat, so elegant. It's like pizzas: in Murica the more $h|t you place on 'em, the better. The average Italian, instead, likes his tomato and mozzarella straight. 😀

  2. 15:57 those arent 4 different sponsorships, there are only 2. the thing on the top left is the jersey „maker“ the „N“ is the club badge, the target in the middle is a little badge because they won the copa Nazionale last season and then Lete and MSC are the 2 Sponsors

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