Kvaratshkelia and Osimhen the most exciting duo in world football? | Serie A | Serie A on CBS Sports

Khvicha Kvaratshkelia and Victor Osimhen have taken over Serie A and Champions League in the 2022-23 season.

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  1. The Best Duo In 2023
    1. Victor Osimhen & Ross Stewart
    2. Son Heung-min & Arkadiusz Milik
    3. Ollie Watkins & Raheem Sterling
    4. Hirving Lozano & Christian Pulisic
    5. Mateo Kovačić & Giovanni Reyna

  2. Let's give credit to VO9 and lets not take the shine off him cos I really don't know what u guys r insinuating by extra praising Kvara. He's good no doubt but we have a lot of players that played better like Iniesta of Barcelona in His days but they never extra praised him and take the shine off Messi.
    Is it not the normal thing to give passes to the point man and finish it all.
    That's the tactics of the game of play from inception but players now have to be selfish even goalkeepers are thinking of being the highest goal scorer now since top strikers r the ones mostly given the recognition for the awards.

  3. Kvaratshkelia has developed ten-fold at Napoli but many don’t mention it. Before joining, he showed how easily he could get past players and get to the line. But his decision making and composure in the box has been a constant improvement. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the last quarter of the season, he outscores Osimhen because of his amazing improvement in his mentality and vision of the game.

  4. Give these layups to Oshimen do he even watch Napoli Osimhen is the hardest playing striker yes he gets tap ins now and then but he works for majority of his goals

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