Scientific Proof of a Farmers League

Obtenga un 20 % de descuento + envío gratis en con el código ZEALAND. Siempre escucho que se habla de la liga de ‘agricultores’, así que nos dispusimos a demostrar qué liga es en realidad la liga de agricultores. La tarea terminó siendo más difícil de lo que pensábamos, tuvimos que idear algunos métodos ingeniosos para descifrar el código y, al final, creo que podrás decir por ti mismo qué liga de las cinco principales de Europa es realmente la mejor. Unión debil. El hecho de que haya puesto a Mbappe en la miniatura no significa que sea Francia, tampoco significa que la ligue 1 no sea la liga de granjeros, solo tengo que mantenerte adivinando mientras lees esto porque es posible que no lo hayas hecho. Ya vi el video completo y no quiero estropearles mi brillante método científico. Mucho amor, Zelanda ——————————————— ————————————– Zelanda Jugando: TWITCH ► YOUTUBE ► —– ————————————————– —————— Podcasts: 20 buenos minutos ► The Zealand Podcast ► Armchair History ► ——————- ————————————————– ————– Cosas de Zelanda: MI PIEL FM ► INSTAGRAM ► TWITTER ► DISCORD ► REDDIT ► ——————— ————————————————– ———— Echa un vistazo al Editor Adler en: TWITTER ► —————————— ————————————————– — Echa un vistazo al animador Tomleggosaurus en: YOUTUBE ► ————————————– ——————————————— Gracias por mirar y desplazarse ! #Fútbol #Soccer #Hashtags

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  1. That's the kind of entitlement English and Spanish fans have in football. They have laundered money for decades with foreign players. The best result can be seen with Brazil, their football, like Portuguese football, has been degraded to a shit show in the past decade due to all of them playing in Europe.
    There was a time when clubs like Ajax, Benfica dominated football and their national team was a force to reckon with. The French National team is the most dominant football team of the past 20 years «2 Euro finals, 2 World Cups. Their players make the heydays of Barca & Madrid, and so many English clubs.
    If France could keep some of its best players, the French league would attract more sponsorship and more money. Players like Henry, Benzema, Zidane, Cantona etc… Potencial, would be playing in PSG, Lyon, Marseille and Monaco. Spain has a policy, the best Spaniards play in Spanish clubs, When they blossom elsewhere, Spanish clubs fight to get them back to Spain "Fabregas, Pique & even Morata were all called back to LA LIGA.
    So why do French Players not have the right to do the same? Why French players cannot envisioned that ?

  2. I don't get the first and last point.
    Is a league good or bad if the same team wins? Because PSG obviously was worse than Bayern, but it sounded like you said they're good, because they fumbled 2 seasons.
    And is a league good when the last team gets a lot or no points at all? I mean if the last team can upset the best, the whole League should be good. But if the league is good, most of the teams shouldn't lose points to a team that just came from the 2nd league.

  3. I own a moderate sized farm in southern France that operates in the summer months and I can confirm during our off season most of my employees go off to play in Ligue 1

  4. My guy calling 3/5 best leagues in the world Farmers League.
    Any Saria A , League 1 and Bundesliga team would wipe the floor whit any team outside the top 100 teams in the world.

  5. Well, the Zealand Method is garbage… you just went through top performances and Champions League performances, and with those aside, you make the final call based on the teams battling for relegation? Are you mad?

    Oh, and this hasn't aged well after 2 weeks only. Have you followed Champions League lately? Serie A has 3 teams in the quarters. Ligue 1 has 0 and Bundesliga and La Liga have 1. Also, 4 of the 8 managers are products of italian football. Yeah, nah… you might be going for your american moneyball type approach , but it doesn't fly…

  6. Problem with the zealand method. If the overall quality of a league is low, the bottom teams have more of a chance at scoring points. You would have to look at points taken from top teams.

  7. I think objectively you cannot list the Bundesliga as a Farmers League because of the 50+1 rule. If that rule didnt exist, Bayern would be so insanely good and spend so damn much to the point that it would 100% be farmers. IMO I think France is the farmers league because PSG just decimates everyone with Serie A as a close second.

  8. Great video, Zealand! I think another good criteria would be average player salary. That's a mark of a farmers league. Yeah, you may have stars making a ton, but does a bench player on a relegation team make enough to live as a true professional player or does he need a side hustle?

  9. Ligue 1 is far away from the 4 others. There is however a little fun fact about it. It is the only one that actually win money, where every 4 others loose money.

  10. The zealand method would work better with 3 mid teams (7,10,13) for a median average representation of the league. This would indicate how close the fight is for a top half finish.

  11. Z, it looked like you guys were just typing all that math out brute force. If you’d be interested I could prob write code that’ll run through all the data much easier and quicker for future videos.

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