Will Barcelona or Man United advance in the Europa League? | Early ESPN FC Predictions

On ESPN FC, Steve Nicol, Mario Melchiot and Ale Moreno make their early predictions for the second leg between Barcelona and Manchester United in the UEFA Europa League Knockout Round Playoff.

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  1. Xavi made a big mistake regardless of Alonso scoring, he had a pep moment. Why choose to rotate players in one of the biggest matches of the season when you have Cadiz coming up 🤦🏽‍♂️ we’ll get the win at old trafford tho

  2. I think eth will not make any change in the back line because of the aerial and physical threat possessed by Lewandowski. And in mid field we r gonna see casemiro and sabitzr together.

  3. Barça have to menny injery start11 players now Pedri Gavi Busqets and Dembele.
    Its gonna be very hard match for Barça.
    Good luck to both, everything can happend in just one game.
    But still,,, win lose or tie Barcelona till I die 🤙

  4. it was an exciting game I don't get y xavi thought it was a good idea to rotate smh but I believe if we can start our regular defense and be patient we can win at old Trafford next week I still have hope and belief in my team but the problem we're having in Europe is that we're not taking it seriously, xavi should start taking it like going for a new job "putting your best foot forward"

  5. Nah It will be a close game or not. Man. U came in and managed to not play a totally defensive game. Good for them but their goal came from something Tar Stegen will never do again and an own goal. No goals from flow play. Barcelona goals came from them playing our style. We had some errors so did they but over all they didn't dominant the game and if we had more possessions then we were doing our thing. Xavi in big games chooses "experience" so to speak but. Jodi on left no, Fati not starting no, changing our defense no. Xavi has done a lot for Barcelona but his ties to some of the older players has to end. Jordi in a La Liga game ok,otherwise he gets run over by team like ManU. The crew from the second half should start or be major players in the next game. Barcelona for the win.

  6. One of the first times i agree with these epsn (pundits😂) Xavi did a stupid rotation! Do it againsg Cadiz! Our defence is the best in europe but decided to rotate it in a big game!

  7. If you don’t understand why ETH change rashford to play in the middle rather on the left side. Which make xavi to change his back line thinking rashford will be on the left 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. For this first game United was missing Martinez, Sabitzer and Antony. Now it Barca can feel the unlucky side and have Pedri and Gavi missing for the 2nd Leg while united will definitely have Martinez and Sabitzer back and maybe Antony aswell.

  9. xavi went crazy and stupid.. his decision was so stupid its hard to understand…his players shouldn't have bailed him out so that he could learn from his mistake

  10. Stevie is so bitter. We all knew this tie would be great and so it proved. Liverpool V Real won’t be as good and Liverpool aren’t as good as United. Simple as that.

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