Karim Benzema labels Didier Deschamps A CLOWN?! 🤡 | ESPN FC

On ESPN FC, Julien Laurens and Frank Leboeuf (among others) break down the latest surrounding Karim Benzema and Didier Deschamps’ back-and-forth over World Cup claims.
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  1. A lot of folks forget that they won a world cup and got to another final without Benz. So maybe the team didn't want him and the coach took the bullet for the whole team. Benz is not an innocent guy

  2. I regret having supported the 2018 French team to win and 2022 (half-heartedly) to the final, it turns out that deschamp racist doesn't like everything that smells of Arab-Africa, fortunately France failed in the 2022 final, and as long as he is still the coach of the French team, then I will not support the french team

  3. Deschamps bringing Benzema back in the first place was the worst decision he made. The team was flying without him. After he got back the egos and cliques just went through the roof and it was bye-bye 'team'!

  4. Karim benzema is talented no doubt but he has a big ego and this is why most talented people are not able to make strides in life. Football is a team sport. If the players aren't in synch with each other, nothing happens. This is what Deschamps wanted to avoid. I stand with Deschamps. After all France reached to WC finals without him.

  5. Unpopular opinion. France without Benzema > France with Benzema. In the end they were just one shootout away from winning back to back WC. Not to say Benz sucks of course but in terms of overall cohesion they tend to do well without him.

  6. I used to think Benzema was a good guy, yet he's shown himself not to be a number of times now. Blackmailing a teammate was what changed my view of him. However, the fact he was also caught on camera telling his teammates not to pass to Vinicius, insulted the ability of his fellow countryman Giroud; and talked badly about Mbappe, makes me think Deschamps isn't lying about this. His ego seems huge… That was also underlined by him bragging about his achievements when he lost out on the FIFA best award. I get the feeling his attitude led to some friction, which caused him to leave.

  7. Seems like Benzema got a very high ego since he won the balondor, he’s now beefing with messi over the fifa best player or whatever it is

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