Kylian Mbappe returns to training, could he suit up vs. Bayern Munich? 👀 | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew discuss Kylian Mbappe’s possible return for PSG and what PSG has to do if he can’t suit up vs. Bayern Munich.

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  1. Kylian Mbappe doesn't want Champions League trophy this season because if PSG win then Messi will get another trophy in his account which will make him Ballon d'or winner!But nevertheless will win even without him…

  2. Messi & Mbappe might play vs Bayern! Rejoice, it all went well afterall!

    Leo to Kylian "They called our bluff and now we have to play afterall … I don´t know if this will help you or not, but once they scored past 3 goals, just dissappear on the pitch, make yourself invisible. After the 7th goal it won´t even hurt anymore"

    Kylian "I´m scared Leo"

    Leo "I know … be strong…the first time always hurts the most and you are still young, maybe you can avoid them in future seasons … just don´t join Barcelona or Arsenal …"

  3. So many ignorant in this comment section!

    How come Mbappé injury is a fake!? They are rushing him to get ready for this 1st leg cause PSG sucks with Kylian playing! It’s a matter that!

  4. i don't like espn you new way of posting videos. they are even shorter. all thumbnails look the same… it's a mess to watch.
    and you keep splitting up consecutive videos over two channels… who does that?
    you guys are lucky the content is good otherwise i would not watch simply because of the technicalities of the viewing experience.

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